• Closed Circuit TV:

    AE Global Security offers a wide range of cutting edge technologies. Well-placed security cameras can increase employees' safety while simultaneously cutting down on theft and vandalism. Choose from multi-camera kits, professional IP/megapixel systems, or a few choice low profile cameras depending on the size of the space you're monitoring, and always know that your business and church is safe.


  • Mobile Capabilities:

    Mobile capabilities makes it easy to manage and control your alarm system from any device, anywhere, anytime. With a mobile app, you can get real-time on-the-go awareness with your Apple and Android devices. With mobile capabilities, you can:

    1. Receive instant notifications and alerts
    2. Perform one-touch commands
    3. Stream live video feeds
    4. Arm and disarm the security remotely
    5. Set location-based automation
    6. View smart capture image gallery
    7. Control lights, locks, thermostats, and garage doors
    8. Get at a glance views on one screen


  • Wireless Security:

    With wireless security solutions, we can design a system that integrates video surveillance, intrusion detection, and user-friendly access control. Convenient, easy to set up, and provides great mobility, wireless security systems are integrated with an app to provide complete visibility with live-streaming feeds, video alerts, and recorded clips right from your phone, tablet, or computer and through the cloud network.


  • Access Control:

    Partnering with industry leaders, AE Global Security can offer cloud based IP access control. You have control and real time tracking of who can access your space, when someone is authorized to access, and thru which entry points they are granted access. This innovative solution is easy to manage, ultra-flexible to match your changing needs and more cost effective over time.


  • Facial Recognition:

    The future of access control systems is happening now! AE Global Security is a leader in providing cutting edge technology including turnkey access biometrics solutions. Voice ID, facial recognition, and behavioral analytics may seem like futuristic concepts, but we are bringing cost effective solutions like these to our clients every day. Let us help you better secure your facility in the most discreet manner. Less obtrusive and easier to use, simple interfaces make cumbersome key fobs and access cards thing of the past. We want to be your trusted strategic security adviser.


  • Security Consulting:

    Security and safety needs to become a priority in all churches, not just large, mega-churches.  Churches need to educate their staff, train volunteers and determine how they can be diligent in the protection of their congregants.  Resources have been created to focus specifically on the unique security issues of churches because church leaders of every size, denomination and locale are facing real security threats to their congregations, organizations.  Each church needs to take steps towards making their facilities and people more secure.  The time to take a serious look at these systems is during the construction process.  This reduces the “upfitting” costs that come with installing after completion.  Providing a safe environment for adults and children is our main goal.  At AE Global Security, our team of professionals will not only walk you step by step through a security install, but will be there to help educate and plan for the unexpected.

AE Global is a company that seperates itself by leaps and bounds from other companies that offer the same services. The staff are courteous, respectful and professional at all times. Their attention to detail and knowledge of their industry really sets then apart. I highly recommend AE Global Security for your security needs.
- A Satified Customer

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